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The Shift Left can be challenging. It is not just about testing earlier. Effective and efficient testing needs to underpin any attempt to improve your test delivery approach.

For organisations who have challenges with their test delivery model we offer services across Advisory, Strategy and Audit to add direct, immediate, meaningful, value to their software testing outcomes.

At Shiftleft we advise organisations on how best to build and execute a change in their software delivery model/s. We provide meaningful support through the process through the provision of local, experienced, Test Managers who have wide experience in driving change through doing, rather than saying.

As technology grows more complex, the risks associated with change grow incrementally. Can you really trust your testing organisation and/or third party vendors to independently advise you on your business risks?

Test Advisory

Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid Agile, SAFe..... What is right for your organisation? Unfortunately these decisions are often driven by evangelistic zeal rather than practicality. Agile proponents will push for its use even in environments where it offers little or no benefit. Traditionalists will push Waterfall even when it leads to over-engineered, cumbersome processes that slow down delivery. Hybrid Agile offers a 'best of both worlds' opportunity that often ends up being the worst of both worlds! SAFe has benefit in large, complex, environments but can be very difficult to implement.

Shiftleft Test Advisory can separate the facts from the propaganda and help organisations assess (and implement) the right mix of testing methodologies to allow them to optimise their quality outcomes.

We are solution (and tool) agnostic. We believe that good quality requires good testing, and that every organisation is unique, with unique challenges that require a bespoke approach to test delivery.

Test Strategy

Delivering complex projects requires a mix of strategic and tactical input. There are a number of testing houses which offer both but deliver only a tactical outcome. 'Just add more testers', 'replan', 'accept a defect count higher than the exit criteria' are all tactical responses that project stakeholders hear on a daily basis.. Shiftleft builds robust, strategic models to deliver quality outcomes. Our delivery models shift the decisions left. Rather than waiting until a project is in crisis, we plan for the likely challenges and build mitigation strategies into our plans. We build proactive test delivery strategies rather than reactive ones. We have the best Test Managers and Test consultants currently working in Asia/Pacific. We do not provide purely tactical resources. We can provide independent, professional Test Managers to manage your internal or third party testing team and drive the project strategy or we can provide a test consultant who can provide project oversight across delivery strategy, execution progress, reporting and test outcome evaluation and recommendation/s

Test Audit

Testing is often presented as a black art. It can be difficult understanding whether your current testing approaches are delivering meaningful value to your organisation. Are third party testing companies actually delivering a quality outcome? Are their resources qualified to make quality decisions on your behalf? Understanding and quantifying the quality of the testing you are getting can be a challenge. Our consultants can help you understand the risks in the testing processes your organisation has adopted. They can evaluate testing outcomes and translate them into a business risk perspective that allows you to better validate the risks associated with the decisions you need to make.

Project Recovery

Shiftleft have a test delivery team that specialises in project recovery. As testing represents the opportunity to measure and validate the quality of the solution it is often the point at which major issues are first seen and understood.

Looking at the issues through a fresh lens can often lead to innovative approaches that allow the project to be moved ‘back to green’. Shiftleft offers a unique solution in this area. We can come in and quickly assess the underlying issues with the test delivery and then develop a remediation plan to both optimise future delivery and identify the bottlenecks and core risks impacting your timeline.

About Us

Shiftleft is owned and run by testers. We have a pragmatic, business focused approach to test delivery and a commitment to quality that allows us to identify and implement industry best practices that answer the unique challenges your organisation faces..

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